Beginner’s Guide To Promoting Music Videos on YouTube

image from Beginner’s Guide To Promoting Music Videos on YouTube

if you are an artist in the music space, how do you promote music videos on YouTube? How do you stand out from the crowd? We bring you a list of strategies that you can use.

1. Create a Channel

To start promoting your music on YouTube, you must create a channel. This is the first and most important step that you need to take on your YouTube music promotion journey, but you should not rush this step. Your channel should be titled strategically including either your name or your band’s name. This needs to remain consistent across all of your social media profiles so that if someone hears your music on Spotify or Soundcloud, they can easily find you on YouTube as well.

Its also important to add links from your other social media profiles to your YouTube channel. SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to add a link to your website in your profile. If you don’t already have a website built out, YouTube can be the perfect thing to promote here. In doing this, you also build the authority of your YouTube page allowing it to rank higher in Google search results. You should also include a profile picture and a banner image to increase the credibility of your YouTube channel.

2.Engage Your Fans

Fans love it when you share your journey with them. Brainstorm ideas on how you can talk to your fans through your content. Apart from your music videos, your fans love content that they can connect with on a deeper level, that will make them know more about you.

You can post mini-interviews in between your tour dates and share your experience. You don’t even have to be extravagant. Just shoot a humble video with your camera phone and put it up.

YouTube creators are coming up with innovative ways to engage with their fans today. An artist may post a brand, new song and a give a shout out to fans, inviting them to comment within the first hour. The perk – a reply from the artist or even a small reward from him/her.

3.Share Teasers and Behind-the-Scenes Clips

Gearing up for a new album release or a brand new song? Share your excitement with your fans! Make sure you upload some fun and interesting moments from your recording process and behind-the-scenes clips.

Prepare diverse cuts of the latest music video you’ve released or are about to release. These can be utilized as teasers while you promote music video on YouTube. Whether it’s a 15 second Instagram story or a 30 second Facebook post, people will get a sneak peek into your next video and it will build up anticipation. Don’t forget to add the video link in the post description to promote music videos.

4.Build Relationships With Other Youtubers

It is extremely important for you to build relationships with other YouTubers. It doesn’t matter whether the relationships you build are with other musicians or if you connect with a group of vloggers as long as you create some sort of relationship. Collaborating with other YouTubers has been one of the most efficient ways to promote a channel since YouTube began in 2005 as it allows you to dip your toes into another channel’s subscribers, in turn bringing some of their followers over to your channel. You can connect with other YouTubers by commenting on their videos consistently, sending them a direct message, or finding them on other social platforms and following them there as well. Treat these relationships as normal, everyday friendships. Do not comment 10 times on one video and do not message them 5 times in a row. If they do not respond, move on to the next channel and try again. As with any business your network is extremely important and in promoting your music, other YouTubers can help propel your career.

5.Utilize Reddit

Because this is where videos go viral! Simply, post the link to your music videos here and other people will vote whether they found it useful or not. Most viral content on the internet originates from Reddit. It’s a great way to acquire a new audience, that you cannot otherwise tap on other social media channels.

As we draw to a close, it’s worth mentioning that the channel owned by a music label called T-series, will soon have the largest ever subscriber base on YouTube. It’s standing at 67 Million subscribers currently and is growing rapidly. You may want to check that out!

If you are a budding musician, we hope you find these tips useful while you promote music videos on YouTube. We are looking forward to seeing you as the next YouTube music sensation that we can tune into!